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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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predictable. I am not very creative


I am only human. What is a human? How do you categorize some one as a human? The mammal. Has a very well functioning brain, better than all the species on the planet Earth. Right?

Well that makes me human. I possess all the qualities-- all the basic, general qualities of being a human being. There of course, are some variations. Variations in size, shape, sharpness of human senses etc. But still, we all are humans given variations.

Let us come to another concept of being human. Heart, emotions, feelings, thoughts, attitudes-- they all are also shared within the human race. kindness, empathy, evil, bad manners, good manners are all human attributes. So, I have all of the standard emotions of human beings. I am born of humans. How can you say I am not human?

He told me I wasn't human. Or maybe not human enough for him. For why humans many times completely refuse to accept some variations of the 'humanity' astounds me. Be it color, race, height, width, language, culture-- too many things.

I wonder if his rejection of me for my the variation I possess makes him any less human? Why do people living out side of the so-called pathetic 'norms' are not human enough?!

It is like telling someone they are out of human circle because they like to eat leaves of trees. Ridiculous. Ignoring the three million human attributes and only focusing on one thing that YOU find inhuman to declare someone not of your kind. Ridiculous.

He didn't see my emotions, not my beautiful self, not my good manners, not my biological/ physical human aspects? Just a single variation was enough to rule out my humanity? Being evil is human and so is being good. Being smart is as human as being dumb.

I am human as much as he is. Or was.

You eat poor molluscs for luxury and you are human, I drink blood to survive and I am not???

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