How to block the writer's block
How to block the writer's block dark stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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the chronicles of bloody monotony and the great creativity deficit.

How to block the writer's block

I think I have lost my touch That I once merrily had The once eccentric metaphors Now have gone bad

I find it hard to say this But think that I must do I might have lost myself again The news is probably true

So I shall do a ritual sweet To find my essence back Take out my jaded dagger blunt From my infinity sack

And some poison ivy fresh From my back yard Burn about that sage a bit To bring back my lost bard

Set some hyacinth crisp on flame And add some marigold Take a whiff of all those fumes And chant my melody old

Round and round dance I shall While all herbs on the ground burn You can come and dance too there Some swaying you might learn

Then we shall put a trap to get A poet eloquent's heart And shall I sit and eat it lone Wait for a good new start

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