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some advancements.

Him II

I dreamt of him last night. That is what he tells me. I mean, it was all so vivid, so realistic; nothing in that dream was dreamlike per se--the situation, the conversation, the incidents happening. Nothing. It was all too real. But he says I had a dream. He would never ask me that in reality, in his senses.

The dream was good. Brilliant you may say. You see, I am used to having nightmares; don't really have 'sweet dreams' no matter how many people tell me to have them before I go to sleep. But that was one sweet dream!

Everything was just like real life, we were in the university, in the class, having silly chit chat. Nothing dreamy. That is why I thought it was real. We were talking about hostel life as he lives in the hostel. It sucks according to him. But he invited me over for lunch to his room to discuss our group project.

In the dream. He invited me in the dream. Damn it. He says the hostel sucks real time and that is no need for me to be even near that God forsaken place. He looked quite disturbed when I told him I was ready to go for the discussion. He says he never asked me to. Why would he ask me to go there he said.

That is how I was told that it must have been a dream. Awkward. But why did he look so disturbed? Are hostels that bad?

And if they are, why doesn't everyone else gets this much disturbed? Why doesn't he leave it, and rent a room somewhere else? Questions.

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