Happy Birthday Bob!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Bob!!!!!! wish stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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eeyyyyyy . happy birthday @boblong
have a blast. of sugar heheee

Happy Birthday Bob!!!!!!

Guess who was born this day A long long time ago on Earth Oh it was my friend Bob the great So we'll celebrate today his birth

Though old and rough you'd feel my dear But don't you worry my funny man, For you are quite a young lad if you see Yourself and your age in the context of Japan

I am confused though for what to get For your birthday's pleasant return Should it be a cane to walk Or an ancient bronze urn

So what if the armor that you don so proud Has turned a bit rusty due to wear; We just need some oil and baking soda, To get rid of the tarnish without any fear!

May you get many many pretty gifts Its fine to have a lot of cake for a day For my star shine man deserves it all All the sugar to be consumed this day!

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