Hanging out
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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Its been eons that i have written a single word. inspiration from @poemsaboutlife's last story about witches. (with apologies aaaaaahahahahhahahhhahah)

Hanging out

Drink it they said. It would be fine they said.


Who in their right minds ever listens to those dimwitted half-breeds????? Me, apparently.

Dear whoever that finds my call, know this and remember me. Remember me, not as an idiot, kindly-- But, as an unfortunate being. Come to my help. Please.

Mentally unfortunate anyway. That does not equal an idiot by the way okay. Huh.

And also, remember this. Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER in your life trust these half-bred worms. They have got the cunning magic of their Elven ancestors with a miserable dash of hay for brains from their Troll elders. Nothing good can ever come out of these numskulls.

I have all the right to call them names, okay?? I was in a desperate condition, bad times right. If they didn't know how to help they shouldn't have had said yes. DrInk iT, dRinK iT...iT iSS GOnNA BE oKAY, AftEr JUST a miNutE yOu wIll be AbLe to TelEPoRT in An INstaNt

Teleport in an instance my ass.

Is someone listening? I swear if you are listening and not coming to me because you are busy laughing the.. then... The hell with you mate. I will curse you to meet the same fate as me someday. Okay laugh but please help me.

That piss of a potion didn't quite work. I did teleport but the mojo ran out like in the middle somehow... soooooo... Umn.. I am stuck.

In the middle of somewhere. In the stratosphere. Just hanging here, floating like a satellite. For heaven's sake come and get me.

Why am I not falling down???

Never even going to drink water from their hands if I ever get down. Even if I am dying of thirst. If I ever get down, that is. HELP ME.

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