For the Nonexistent Lover
For the Nonexistent  Lover cheesy stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Single in the womb
Single till the tomb


For the Nonexistent Lover

To my lover who does not exist I write this letter this ode this song; It doesn't matter that you are not real, For me to write you this symphony long

I wish I could tell you the dreams I have seen Of meadows and ruins and beauty of yours, All of the songs that I have sung to you Waiting for you on those sparkling shores-

Where both of us run under the blue sky vast Hands in hands, eyes in eyes; Till we reach the palace of my dreams For the time there never ever flies

I dream to comb you raven locks with my fingers And fashion them in braids serene, And weave them in such an elven design No one on earth had ever seen

To look in your bright green almond eyes That put the shiniest emeralds to shame, Kiss your lovely cheeks as you blush; When you take from your delicate lips my name

And bathe you in milk with rose petals red That would make your gentle skin shine Wrap you in robes of crimson silk Pour you a tall thin glass of wine

Talk to you all day and night Listen to all your stories absurd Look at you with my big misty eyes All other thing in the periphery blurred-

Sway in your arms in the soft cool breeze Waltz all around the palace halls Sing mellow tunes as the sirens might sing That smoothly vibrate the surrounding walls

Read you a story and put you to sleep And sing you a sweet little quaint lullaby Watch as you sleep your solemn face, Curl up beside you in the bed and cry

The oceans corrosive which run down my cheeks, Sting my skin and make the eyes sore As this is all dreams and fancies unkind Hurting and wounding my heart evermore.

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