For the alien that died long ago.
For the alien that died long ago. dead-alien stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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For the alien that died long ago.

Look an Alien! Dead though it is Never really knew That they looked like this Has a similar face And lips cherry red Colored is the mouth Looks like it has bled

Hands small rough And limbs short too White of the eyes A little too blue Dressed in a fashion That follow you and I Can't really believe That it fell from the sky!

Everything is same To what we all are But there's something strange A little bizarre The dead alien feels Somebody like us Still gives off A different buzz

Lifeless are the eyes Might have shone in the past It might've been peaceful The face now aghast It looks still young Not time to be dead Too much pain In its eyes full of dread

I wonder what happened To this alien now a corpse Where did go All of its hopes Why no one came To claim the body Did it even had To call its 'somebody'

Well guess we'll leave it here On the ground to rot That is what we do Without even a thought Farewell alien dead I hope some one comes for you But if nobody comes We'll forget you too

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