For My Beloved
For My Beloved sleep stories

badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
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some swearing is legit given the context.

For My Beloved

Note: Try reading the last line of every page ending in 'daa-da-daa'

The sun is up, the birds have started to sing, I open my eyes and stare into the bling, Yell good morning into the abyss, And expect it to return a kiss, But expectations do hurt that is As somebody is fucking asleep

Wash my face, eat my breakfast out, And check my phone with some doubt Get up if there is anything to do, And keep checking for someone too; But there is only a chance blue; For someone is still fucking asleep

Getting through the day losing all hope, Anger mine driving up the slope Beloved mine still not showing any signs of life Lies between us this daily strife God knows what will be when I'll be his wife; As somebody's still fucking asleep

Oh!I think someone just rose from the dead, Now might they also roll out of the bed! Here's a text and good morning it says, In the evening while dying are the sun rays, Again disappeared in a haze? Somebody's again fucking asleep -_-

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