Final Petrichor
Final Petrichor dark stories

badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
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Inspired by DARK season 3.

Final Petrichor

The worlds end here Beneath our feet

The scent of doom stings my nostrils, As it stings your eyes

We run and walk amidst the glitter that rains on our heads; It wets my eyes And it dampens your cries--

Thick walls around us are without their keepers, Now that you and I have died yet another time, Now that you and I don't have to be born once again

Now that I am you, and you are me Now that we are doomed, so we are free

Now the road which diverged from the woods stays still, Now that you and I are ready to fill

The void that we carry around in our hearts, You and I can now rest for a while as it starts,

What you and I will end, The mistake we will mend.

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