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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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something taken from the movies Martian and Interstellar and an unrelated scary post on instagram. I am not very original. cheers.

Dream Job

I have always wanted to work like this. Not everyone gets to work in a place and setting where everything is according to their demands and likeness. I am very fortunate.

Growing up, unlike other children I wanted to be independent, to be on my own, to be my own master. Well, I don't really get to be my master but still, you know! I am working by myself and it is everything that I have ever wanted.

I was never a team player. I always did our group projects myself and the members relaxed. I am not a workaholic; I just like to work in my own way. This job provides me with that.

The best part is that I do not really have an immediate boss! Awesome right?! But it does account for much responsibility. I am a responsible and trustworthy person even given my history and reputation.

Its just that I have had some anger management issues in the past due to my severe OCD and need for solitude. I hate working with people because they make mae mad. So, keeping in mind my issues and my capabilities, under the government's advanced employment policy I was sent here to work.

And man do I love it! I have been most productive on this job than I have ever been on any other job. Hurray! So, I am just working as I please, relaxing when needed, doing hell of some good work up here on planet 3A76TUNE3E-B.

This place is awesome. Literally tailored for me. I do my reaserch calmly here. The best thing is that the natives do not mind or intrude. They are nice people unlike humans. They understand me and my needs. Good fellas.

Oh! you didn't know about them? I didn't tell any one. If I tell them they will send more of us here and man them humans just can't mind their own business no matter how much clear the instructions. So I am just sitting on it till my retirement. Or till the day that I feel I might be dying.

In any case, I have told old Hlukmas here to send a message to Earth if needed. Till then me and my solitary research with these nice people. And I have only told you about it for your story competition okay? DO NOT spill the secret. Good night.

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