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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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I am late. This is too much text.


I hate this. Whenever I try to become serious and try to do something on time, I have the company of these ever expanding distractions. Why the hell people have to be so noisy? Like calm down people, I know you have throats and tongues and vocal cords and DAMN IT.

Ugh. I accidentally cut my finger while chopping the meat. I am making kebabs today! I now chop it up nice and fine so that it cooks quicker and minces well. Initially i just boiled it in big chunks and then shredded it and added the other things later but it took much time. And my oldie-goldie mincing machine also didn't come to aid.

See? That is what I was talking about. Always getting distracted. I get too distracted, cannot focus much. They have a fancy term for it which I frankly don't remember. I get distracted by my phone most of the times; specially when doing something academic (huh). Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr-- you name it. If it's not these, then I keep checking

my mail and messages, although I don't really get any. Sigh. And then there is the noise. These new age shabby apartments have such thin walls, like paper. You can hear right through them And it is hell distracting. I am doing something and all of a sudden somebody downstairs starts screaming for no reason on their family and I forget what I was doing. Seriously.

This lady has my ceiling for her floor and keeps stomping around her feet for reasons I fail to comprehend. Her children are jumping around and running up and down the stairs; screaming and laughing. I don't mind that I mean. It's just innocent children but the builders could have put a little more cement in these walls to be honest. I have zero

interest in listening to the dirty talk of the couple that shares a wall with me; the damn bedroom wall of mine and theirs. I have to turn down the room temperature a notch if they try bdsm once in a while to be honest. The drunkards I share the kitchen wall with are almost all the time breaking something of glass or China. I think they own a factory.

Now I don't even have the time to bandage my damn finger. I thought I would just quickly chop this thing up without much prep as I am having my family over for dinner. So many distractions seriously. This talk; talking is always distracting isn't it? And now if this damned lad would just stop screaming and let me finish chopping his leg off so I can go an bandage my wound. Should've had

smacked him in the head earlier with the axe. Too much noise I mean, too much. Too much distraction, will take me two hours to do the work of one due to my injured finger thanks to this utterly noisy and distracting- still not dead idiot.

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