Cold embrace
Cold embrace dark stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Cold embrace

I shiver in the midst of this blizzard As it tears me down cell by cell

I do not understand which part of me to save, As the frigid gusts rip my flesh by their icicle teeth

I whither piece by piece The ground gets soaked in my blood And no one slips, But me-

I wrap myself in my hopeless arms As my feet break down due to trench foot

I kneel down in the puddle of my blood, My prayer-less lips shiver, Or whatever is left of them anyway-

I look up to the skies Liquid prayer in my eyes, Freezes- And glazes my gazers with a fine sheet of frost Hard to melt anytime soon

I see the sky bright I feel the frozen embrace of the wind around me As I sit in the eye of the tornado; Everything seems fine, Everything will be fine-

If anything remains.

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