Broken broken stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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can be taken as funny, can be taken as a more deep and gloomy thing. your choice.

think of B.E.N from the movie Treasure Planet if want a funny image


Do you have some glue? I need it much My finger just broke into two, And a bit of gauze, And a bit of tape, And some stapler pins too

Oh no! these springs coming out of my head, Are making me lose the rings; That do keep bound, My head piece tight, So my tiny brain remains sound

Damn it this leg of wood Is slipping away, And not remaining where it should- Might you have a piece Of cord some strong, So I can wound it around with ease

Broken are things In my body so poor, I have to wear many slings, Some glue some tape And chord some fine, Might help me get in shape

The body though can mended be Afraid; For my brain is me- For tape and glue, Can't hold it together, If ever it breaks into pieces few

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