A siren's song
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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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i hope this is nice!!!
wrote at 2 in the night- or morning?!

The one who said my poems are short, in your face dude. now you better read it all.

A siren's song

O hear my song My sailor sweet, While you tread peacefully On water under your feet,

My song is sweet Like a child's dream, But vile enough In its scheme;

I know of a land Just made of flowers, Where rainbows take In the sunlight showers,

That land is vast And serene to the core, And pearls construct Its dazzling shore!

And heavenly maidens Reside in that land, Who wait day and night For a sailor's hand,

I can take you there For if you can; You probably will be The luckiest man!

For the maidens are creatures Of beauty personified, You may return If you find that I have lied-

Remain you will For the rest of your life And take any maiden To be your wife,

So come with me If you want the maiden's hand And there don't you just Stare and stand,

O don't be afraid Of my beauty unusual, And turn your yes Into a refusal,

My sisters are different From what I appear to be, They don't have the fangs And claws that you can see;

O no my sailor! Strong and sweet, Don't you run away With all your fleet-

Hush now little sailors And close your eyes, You won't need to wake up For the surprise.

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