A cloudy day
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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Morning walk in cloudy rainy weather usually makes people write nice deep poems about nature; not me

A cloudy day

The morning was cold and so was the breeze. Winter clouds hovered over the city and everybody looked up to guess if it would rain or not. It will some said--it won't some thought; the Meteorological Department favoured a rain spell at some places. Only the cloud factory knew for sure.

The little dragonette ran with her tiny cotton candy feet towards her father. ''Did you make all the clouds, Papa?!'' ''No my darling, not yet'', said he. ''Did you make all the clouds, Mama?!'' ''No my darling, not yet'', said she.

''Did uncle Fregrer? Or did aunt Releen?'' ''No my dear, not yet'', said they. ''Is rain even on the menu today?'' They let out a little laugh and sprayed her with mist.

''It is, it is. On the menu for some. More clouds to make and more mist to spray. Some more cannon balls to forge and send away, some thunder and lightning to brighten the day!''. Little dragonette sweet did understand the work for she was about to make clouds of her own. Some days it would take for her to reach the age,

when she can roll up some fluff balls too. For now, she kept running around the factory, her cotton candy feet pip-papping on the cloudy floor. Argery, Finnela and Greplop too, pip-papped their cotton candy feet in the factory and blew little gushes of cool breeze out of their noses and laughed together.

Some thought it might rain and took their umbrellas to work, some said it won't and went anyway. The Meteorological Department still wasn't much sure. *****************

*** So, cloudy today and I went for a walk to the football ground at my university. I should have taken that little sweater, I conclude, five seconds into the walk. Nothing could be done now except for shivering in the breeze or sitting in the well-heated library. Library it is.

As I was walking, I thought of all those beautiful poems I have read here about nature which were inspired from similar morning walks. I couldn't think of something like that after much trying. A cloud looked like a crocodile. Well, can't really write about a crocodile in the sky. Not that talented. Pictures are mine.

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