14th August
14th August pakistan stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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happy Independence day to the ones who are blowing those damned horns since yesterday.

14th August

So, it's the Independence day of Pakistan today. Thank God for whatever 'independence' we have. (Political joke) No, seriously.. Thank God.

My concern is the relationship between Independence day and THESE FUCKING HORNS.

I guess that is what real Independence is, blowing every one's eardrums up. Like I don't mind a little fireworks.... fire crackers on the other hand..................... I mean, my cats get afraid okay? And its just noise pollution.

But, then it's all just for a day or two so it's fine. Part of the celebration!!! (but why??!!)

well, for the occasion- -some pictures of my land. (Although you can totally google them; unless you are a movie maker in Hollywood who can spare 3 centuries to make the film but not half an hour to google a country's current clothing trends) Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk.

Enough I guess. too many... Go and google it you lazy bums.

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