Night and Lie
Night and Lie feelings stories

badr Escaping the world by wirting
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Goodbye means everything now, not just a word.

Night and Lie

Crying at the end of a beautifule and joyful night.

She is a beam from party full of illuminative light.

"Sorry" is now a pain for her, not feeling alright.

Thinking about pride girl while holding her so tight.

Promises and narratives are being told in the past.

Lies from me, truth from her, our talk won't last.

While walking by the sea, she espied a fairy dust.

By a blink of his eye, she fogot all of my cast.

Now I'm toxic food amidst dove and raven.

Congratulate, now your exes have reached seven

I was praying god, inasmuch I'm alcoholic given.

Because of your demons, I will not go to heaven.

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