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I tried to put in more ero in this short story but the 10000 characters are just not enough :)
I hope you enjoy this and please let me know your thoughts

Perfect Ms. Basset

Ms. Judy Basset has just been accepted to work as a governess for a wealthy and a bit mysterious family of the Dunning's. Her employer is Mr. Henry Dunning - a widower at the age of 32.

His wife died from Smallpox when she was just at her prime. She was able to bear Mr. Dunning two adorable children - Ellie, 10 y/o and Kitty 7 y/o. Mrs. Dunning died when Kitty was just 2 y/o.

These two children will be Ms. Basset's charge as she starts her employment under the Dunning's.

The land was muddy as Ms. Basset traverse the huge Estate of the Dunning's. It was raining all day and has just stopped in time with Ms. Basset's arrival at the Castle's North gate.

As she walks towards the magnificent architecture of the Dunning's Castle - she cannot help but marvel on the sight and be worried at the same time with the personalities of

the people inside the house. Upon reaching the main door, she was greeted by the Housekeeper - "We were expecting you to arrive before the sun set!" Ms.

Basset responded with a curtsy, showing her rain and mud drenched clothes. "Oh child! Come here and I will show you your room and change.

I will introduce you to the children and to the rest of the household at sun rise tomorrow."

The castle was heavy with tapestries and elegant furniture, giant window frames inviting the sunshine in, walls and high ceilings covered by arts of the new era.

This big castle houses total of 20 servants, 2 heirs and 1 Master. As the housekeeper told Ms. Basset, Master Henry Dunning is in London taking care of business.

The two children were immaculate, so prim and proper especially the lovely Kitty. She is ever so curious about Geography and Literature while Ellie is fascinated by Science and Sports. Ms.

Basset never had any quarrel nor ill story about the two children. As Ms.

Basset's fondness grew with the children and the happiness she is feeling living in the Dunning Castle - she seemed to bloomed and the rest of the household noticed her beauty.

Ms. Judy Basset knew that she has such a beautiful face and graceful charms - but she is never too proud of it. She remains humble and pleasing to converse with.

However her heart is hard as stone and would cut short any flirtatious acts towards her. This made the entire household admire her more.

At her spare time she would teach the house maids their letters and how to read. Everyone in the house, even the housekeeper that Ms. Judy Basset's presence was like the Madam of the house.

It has been 5 months before Master Henry returned to Dunning's Castle, bringing gifts and friends from society.

All the servants even Ms. Judy and the children waited in front of the Castle doors to welcome the Master and guests. In the line up of servants, Ms.

Judy's beauty became very noticeable that all the guests and even the Master had confused her as a Madam.

The Master guided the guests inside the castle and then instructed the servants to bring to the guests rooms their things.

He then set the housekeeper aside giving a different instruction while looking at Ms. Basset.

The dinner has concluded with the guests so satisfied and happy staying in an elegant castle of their friend. Ms.

Basset was instructed by the housekeeper to wait for the Master to call on her before she goes to bed. As soon as the guests went to their own rooms, Henry called onto Judy at his study.

After awhile - there's a knock on the door and entered Judy. Henry recalled the features of Judy early that day and marveled even more as he gazed upon her beauty even in the dim light.

Regaining his composure, he asked Judy to sit on the arm chair beside him. He asked about Judy's life before and after coming in and accepting the work as a governess.

He also asked about the children and what they are learning. Judy with her usual charm has eloquently and candidly answered all Henry's questions.

Henry was so intrigued and captivated by Judy's beauty and wits but was suddenly interrupted by a soft knock on the door. Kitty wants to say good night to his father.

Henry carried the sleeping Kitty while Judy guides him with a candle light. They both said good night to Kitty and left the room.

As Judy curtsied and bid good night to Henry, he stopped her and asked her to have the children's session tomorrow at the garden so that he will introduce them to the guests.

Henry was so proud of his two children, Ellie being so sociable and entertaining; and Kitty being so eloquent and proper. It made him so happy and grateful that he cannot stop talking about Ms.

Judy infront of his friends. One of his lady friend noticed it and tried to change the subject as she sat very close to Henry.

This queued Judy to excuse herself and take the children back to the drawing room to study.

Henry's gazed followed Judy as if waiting for her to turn to him so that he can find an excuse to join her. But in his dismay, one of his male companions excused himself and followed Judy.

At the hallway going to the study, the guest kept chatting away with his arrogance on his vast fortune and high education.

He will be soon to own his father's shipping business and that he is looking for a companion.

As Judy hates this type of conversation, she abruptly stopped the conversation and excused herself speeding up towards the study room.

The children and Judy joined the Master and his guests for dinner every night.

It was not a happy moment for Judy as she only have one dinner gown and that she's been constantly teased by the master's guests.

Thou it is uncomfortable for Judy, it seems that Henry is very pleased with Judy's predicament.

He adores the uncomfortable smile, redness of her cheeks and ears, and her different answers to his guests constant teasing. He loves the different reactions that Judy is showing.

"I know Henry! Let's have a ball in your castle!" Everyone seemed so delighted of the idea, even the maids are ecstatic.

After 3 weeks, the tailors and seamstress delivered the guests ball gowns and tuxedos.

Master Henry also commissioned the tailors to dress up his entire household - this made them more excited and eager to clean up the castle.

Decorations were perfectly in placed in the morning of the ball. Ingredients were prep and readied for the night.

By the time the sun sets, carriages arrived one after another - lords and ladies of their own houses, dressed so impeccably.

Among all the guests of the Master, only 2 beauty were the most apparent. Kitty and Judy. As if Kitty has blossomed overnight and became such a sophisticated lady.

While guests were enjoying themselves, Judy would be hiding either at the back of the crowd or would be talking with the servants.

Despite making herself invisible, the arrogant guest still found her and pestered her to engage in a conversation.

Judy tried to leave and escape the guest but he turned a bit violent and dragged her away from the crowd towards the stairs to his room. The arrogant guest felt a tug and let go of Judy.

When he looked back, he found Judy in the arms of Henry as if protecting her from the guest. Embarrassed of his behavior, the guest went back to the ball leaving the two alone.

Henry felt Judy's body shaking from the ordeal and he cannot seem to comfort her. He took her away from the crowd, where she can be at peace.

He lead her to one of the lock rooms of the castle so that she can be safe - alone. When Henry was about to leave Judy, she held his hands and begged him to stay.

Henry's heart was moved by this broken women who upto the end tried to be strong. He held her tight, calming her down.

Until he felt her breathing slowing down and she caressing his neck and cheeks. They both gazed onto each others eyes and before they knew it, they are kissing so passionately.

Lips and body were locked in an embrace. As if the moment has been frozen for eternity. The jolt of loud music and laughter brought them back to their senses.

"I will ask my guests to leave on the day after tomorrow. I will tell them that my business has called on me and must urgently go. Please wait for me."

After a month, Henry came back together with Kitty's and Ellie's grandmama. She is taking them to Paris for the holidays and they are to leave in two days.

Henry informed the entire household to take a vacation for a month to be with their family since he will be going back to London while the kids were away.

On the 3rd day, the castle's only tenants were Henry and Judy...

For a week, Judy and Henry seems to be only residing in the Master's bedroom. When hungry, they would both fool around in the kitchen while Judy prepares their meal only in their night gown.

In 3 weeks, they have already had sex in every corner and every room in the Castle, even the hallways and maids quarters. They both loved the adventure and role play.

On the 4th week, they have already orchestrated plans on how they will continue to meet up at night and in secret. Henry had proposed to Judy several times but she kept on delaying her answers.

A month has passed and the Castle went back to its clean and busy times. Henry and Judy continues to meet and have heated sex at his study or at their bedrooms.

They were never caught by the household.

After several months, Judy finally agreed to marry Henry and they lived happily ever after :)

The End

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