I hate myself today.
I hate myself today.
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badoodz Reconnecting with my inner self
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Internal struggles with life, mess up thoughts, hopelessness and helplessness

I hate myself today.

I just found out i am incompetent I missed so many opportunities in my past that could have helped me today. I have no friends, no relatives and no strangers that are willing to lend a hand

You may say that if incompetence is the problem, then be competent... well who can teach me about life? Coz that is what i am struggling with.

The best teacher is life, but i don't understand it. How can you understand life? How can you best live it?

My struggles are internal and it is a challenge to face it. I want to be the best me but i always regress to the worst of me

Screaming for help coz i want to know Is this life worth living for

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