Friends can break your heart too
Friends can break your heart too  sad stories

badlands17 An average 19 yo guy going through life
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Endings are always hard to overcome whether it’s the ending of a relationship or of a friendship just like in my case. {n.f}

Friends can break your heart too

All your “forever”s got tangled in a wind of lies; All your broken promises lay on the floor with the Polaroids you took of us;

All our plans dragged away by the vicious flows of malice; I shared too much, I loved too much, I cared too much and I regret it since you decided to cut ties,

Always there when you needed it but was it really worth the fuss? Looking back at our friendship I realized I had put myself down for your solace and my constant need for balance.

So what was the point of our bond if went through so many changes, adventures and challenges just to go back to being perfect strangers?

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