Fists full of ashes
Fists full of ashes
 sad stories

badlands17 An average 19 yo guy going through life
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I wrote this a long time ago and I feel like it fits in with today’s theme “memories” because I found myself reminiscing a long lost relationship and the memories I have of it. Hope you enjoy it

Fists full of ashes

Burned out cigarettes linger in the ashtray Volatile remains of a ran down affection;

Ripped up post it notes, lovely words inked on them to express emotions my tired lips can’t convey.

A bitter reminder of a long lost connection, Left on the ground, no one around, with fists full of ashes;

Trying not to make a sound, choked out whimpers leaving my mouth;

Heavy, salty tears weighting on my lashes Rolling down my cheeks, the only way to give back some life to this love drought.

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