Butterflies and heartbeats
Butterflies and heartbeats
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badlands17 An average 19 yo guy going through life
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Unrequited love hurts the most, this poem is about loving someone who will never love you back. I hope you enjoy it

Butterflies and heartbeats

You wanna try to swap chests for a while? So that maybe you’ll understand why I stare so deeply into your cerulean eyes;

They are piercing through the night bringing light into my dark mind, Such an unique tint of blue that’s what got me through Giving me a deep desire of tasting every shade of you.

Don’t you want to feel these butterflies? Every time you touch me they swarm and fly throughout my insides, Begging for your silky soft hands to caress my skin one more time.

Like a drug addict longs for the adrenaline hype, My heart longs everyday for your crooked smile;

In a hopeless crusade for your love I’ll cry; Until my sad, tired eyes turn dry.

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