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ok, so I'm not gonna do a dumb poem about buckets. Like who does that ( to the people who did you amazing :) ).

Now u might be wondering what else is there to do for daily prompts but write a poem.

Ok, so people are u ready to have your minds blown 🤯.

Ok, so do you guy knows Henry danger! IF NOT WE CANNOT BE FRIENDS AT ALL! I'm just kidding I'm nice to everyone

So we are not here to talk about the main character no way.


You might be wondering why are we talking about the most gullible kid in the series.

Well, the daily prompt is buckets so...

If you watch the series jasper collect's buckets has a whole broadcast too.

So we are going to look at his amazing buckets. WITH GIF'S YAY!

Ok if your at the point where you think there is something seriously wrong with me. Tell me in the comments XD.

Ok, let's praise the bucket master, shall we? Or just stare at jasper making a fool of himself

Welp, That's the problem with a character that doesn't matter. YOU CAN NEVER FIND ANY GIFS OF THEM UGH UGH UGH I WILL KEEP TRYING BUT UNTIL THEN.

Every time I search up jasper from henry danger all it does is show my henry charlotte and piper. But when I search up jasper IT SHOW'S MY TWILIGHT CRUSH AHHHHHHH NOW I GOTTA WATCH TWILIGHT WHYYYY.

Ok we are getting a little off-topic here let me just show you buckets and tell u what I think of them

Now if I saw this bucket on the ground. And we were at the beach I would probably throw it in the water and watch it float away.

This is more like a stool but it's been used to be a bucket. But honestly black is my favorite color. Aaaaannndddd I LOVE THIS BUCKET.

BIG BUCKET. Honestly, I would carry this around not gonna lie so I like it.

Easter I think. I hate pink but it's cute I would honestly give that to my niece so thank you random person who made this.

Anyway that's the end of this post btw if you get me to 130 followers I will do a Q&A yay

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