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Source: Candra Creviston

You will be missed

by Candra Creviston

I have never tried to make you look guilty or bad.

I've never pretended to be perfect I've always been who I am.

I wanted to say I'm sorry we had to "end,"but it's for the best.

I hated to see you "go, but" I want you to know.

You will always be a part of me in some old fashioned story.

We will live on in our "past, I" hope you never forget me or our memories.

It's time for me to let go and move on and make new "memories, it's" just how it should be.

That doesn't mean I will ever forget the good times we had.

So don't "worry, don't" be sad.

Try to be happy now that you can do your own thing.

You're free from a bondage with me so be single and happy.

We were only teens when we married and started a family.

Our kids are grown and started pursuing their dreams.

So it's time to say goodbye and leave behind any hard feelings.

We both made mistakes and choices that was selfish and sad.

Try not to reminisce and bring back the past.

Move toward the future don't be stuck on trying to fix things.

We were never meant to be it's time to face reality.

It's time to go now I'm sorry for everything.

"Someday, maybe" you can forgive me.

When someone asks me if I know you I will smile and say I use to.

So don't forget I did love you even when I seemed mad.

You will be missed and our memories will always be apart of me.



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