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"She's too fat" "He's too skinny"


"She's too fat"

"He's too skinny"

"She's too tall"

"He's too short"

"She's ugly"

"He's ugly"

It is true, we look in the mirror a bit too often

Not out of admiration

But because of determination

Insistent on scanning for every flaw to better ourselves while our eyes pooled with tears

Because we're never satisfied with the reflection we see

Insecure - the uncertainty and lack of confidence a person feels about themselves

And so we give in to that little voice in our heads telling us to go the extra mile

Even if it means dying

So that we can live up to the standards of today's society

However we've come to understand that they can never be pleased

Narcissist - a person who has an excessive amount of pride and admiration for their abilities and physical appearance

Just when we had the confidence to look in the mirror and smile

People perceive our self - love to be conceit

"She's so vain"

"He love's himself too much"

"She thinks she's all that"

"He stares at the mirror too much"

"She's so full of it"

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