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b_writings Writing to get it off my chest.
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Remember to check on your "strong" friends


I hated her smile

Everyday, she walked in school flaunting that sickening smile

It was a smile that made the boys blush.

And a smile that all the girls admired

Yet when I asked her what was wrong, she'd just shoot me the same ugly smile and laugh asking, "What do you mean?"

I was the only one who looked in her eyes instead

Eyes that glistened with tears

Eyes that didn't crinkle when she displayed that scornful smile

I could tell that she was broken inside

She was so broken that nothing and no one could fix her

She may have fooled everyone with that smile

But her dead eyes could not hide the evidence of her lack of happiness

However it was too late to even try and mend her shattered heart

As she laid there in her coffin, I observed her features

Her face remained lifeless

The only difference was the absence of her fake smile

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