Look Away
Look Away accident stories

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Just this one time I wished you looked away

Look Away

As we stood here on the side walk, I tuned out the noisy environment

And focused on the gleaming gems that held my reflection

Despite the hundreds of people passing us by, those bright eyes stared at me only

And that's what made me fall in love with you

The fact that you only had eyes for me

Even though I was a nobody

A person who possessed no special talents

I'm no super model either

Just an extra in the background of everyone's movie

Yet you looked at me like this great treasure you discovered

And you'd always smile at me, as if I was the best thing that ever happened to you

A grin slowly formed on my face as I watched you walk away, yet you kept staring at me

My smile quickly fell as I realised you didn't want to take your eyes off me

I'll admit that I am possessive and loved it when you gazed at me only

However just this one time

Even if it was just for a second

I wished you looked away

So that I didn't have to witness the car that erased you from my life

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