Let Go
Let Go poetry stories

b_writings Writing to get it off my chest.
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It's unfair that you fell out of love while I remained in love.

Let Go

I had known for months

I don't know when it started

And I didn't know why it happened

Though I wished you told me sooner

It took all of my strength to ignore it

I gave you my everything

In an attempt to win you back

Yet, you continued to stare at me with those bored eyes

What hurts the most wasn't the meaningless kisses

The fake smiles

Nor the empty "I love you's"

But holding your hand, while it laid loosely in mine

As I watched you gaze at her with that gleam in your eyes

The same look you gave me when we first met

You knew that I was aware

And for that it was a relief

Because I yearn for the day you let me go

As I am not strong enough to let you go

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