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b_writings Writing to get it off my chest.
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When you have hope, you can overcome any obstacle.


Continuously, I sank deeper into the endless waters.

It was cold, dark and lonely.

I couldn't breathe, yet some how I was still alive.

Which was even more suffocating.

My body was numb and my eyes barely open.

Suddenly, a small but dazzling light appeared at the surface.

Though it was bright, it brought no pain to my eyes,

Encouraging me to gaze further at it's brilliance.

Without warning, my body was overcome with relief,

As a sudden warmth spread throughout my chest.

It felt as if someone had wrapped their arms around me, engulfing me in a tight hug,

Without words, I sensed assurance that everything was going to be okay.

Instantly my body began moving on it's own,

Desperate to get closer to the gleaming gem above.

As I swam up, almost to the top,

My heart began beating uncontrollably fast,

As this foreign feeling of happiness intensifies with every inch closer.

And without hesitation, I outstretched my hand,

With my fingertips finally grazing the surface,

In hope of a bright, and new beginning.

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