Hide But Don't Seek
Hide But Don't Seek love stories

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The last conversation

Hide But Don't Seek

"I want you to know that you were a blessing. I was never happy, constantly thinking that I shouldn't live on but then you appeared.

You taught me how to love, how to cherish each second of the day and appreciate life. Staring at your beautiful face and for you to grace me with your gorgeous smile drowns me in pure joy.

I will miss doing your messy, curly hair, clothing you in pretty dresses that you hate , making your favourite foods, play fighting with you, hearing the sounds of your laughter, helping you with Math although you didn't need it...I should stop because the list is never ending.

We don't have enough time so I'm leaving you with these last words.

You are one of the smartest persons I've ever came across. I'm sure you know you're different from the others your age, that your way of thinking is more complex.

I'm not doing this because I hate you, I could never but because I know you're intelligent, mature, brave and a girl like you shouldn't suffer like this.

When times are difficult just check your bag for the gift I left you.

Always remember that I love you with all of my heart and know that your father do as well, although it may not seem so.

He's just a bit sick.

Now let's pretend that you don't know what's going on and play a game of hide and seek.

Cover your eyes and count to 100."

Every word she said 10 years ago I could remember like the back of my hand.

Black eye, tears rolling down her bruised cheeks and busted lips formed a genuine smile of relief.

That was the last image of my mother that burned in my memories before I covered my eyes and complied to her order.

Kissing my forehead she whispered, "We will meet again."

As i reached the number 14, the car engine roared and eventually distanced away from me.

I stopped at the number 30, when it was silent and there were no signs of my mother, leaving me by myself in an area very unfamiliar.

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