Dear Younger Me
Dear Younger Me selflove stories

b_writings Writing to get it off my chest.
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I wish that we could turn back time

Dear Younger Me

If I saw you right now

I would break down in tears

I would go down on my knees crying

Begging for your forgiveness

Because I did every horrible thing to you when you did nothing wrong to deserve this

Knowing that I allowed the horrendous words of evil people to contaminate your innocent mind

Knowing that I made the once happy little girl hate herself

I starved you until you were bones

I hurt you until I saw blood run

I insulted you as a method of motivation to push yourself

I have made you so sad, that you no longer have the will to live on

I wish that time would reverse

Leaving you with these few words

You are perfect just as you are

You are absolutely brilliant

Narrow - minded people may say different

But what they say are of such minority

When you love yourself without caring what others have to say

Though it might be difficult

You will find happiness

Remember that you are enough

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