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Every day I would dream of bursting these shackles


Every day I would dream of bursting these shackles

For I felt imprisoned in this house that didn't even feel like home

It was as if I was a damsel locked up in a tower, waiting to be rescued

Yet I knew little to no one

Nor was my existence known by many

I would be rich by now if I had to bet a million dollars that my neighbours had no image of me

So I accepted that being rescued was out of the picture

Staring out the window was my favourite thing to do.

I loved looking at the birds

Wishing I was one of them

Soaring in the sky, accompanied by the rest of the flock

Blowing away my loneliness

And basking in the freedom as I flew from country to country

Japan, Spain, Germany, France

And many more, knowing I had the whole world to explore

Though my daydream would be cut short when my mother commands me to close the curtains

Snapping me back to reality, that the closest to seeing those countries was on a computer screen

Reminding me that I may never fly away from this cage

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