A Second Chance
A Second Chance underwater stories

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Cold, quiet, alone. The first three words that popped in my mind when I opened my eyes.

A Second Chance

Cold, quiet, alone.

The first three words that popped in my mind when I opened my eyes.

I slowly waved my hand into my view as i stared at the scars in confusion.

Is this water?

Turning my head, there was nothing but pure darkness below.

Looking up, I was met with a white light.

Though it was bright, I was able to gaze at it's brilliance.

I knew this was not reality since I was underwater and felt no pain

"I am so sorry" suddenly echoed in my head.

"I had no idea you were suffering" the voice sobbed.

As the cries continued i began to swim up, following the sound in curiosity. The voice not only sounded sorrowful but familiar.

Why have I heard it before? Why am i here? Who am I? Is this a dream?

Frustration slowly built up as I had a million more questions that couldn't be answered with the help from my blurred memories.

Sadness, regret, hatred, anger, loneliness.

These horrid emotions instantaneously crawled back into my mind as if they were reminding me that I was their home. I loathe this feeling.

Gritting my teeth in aggravation, my fingers made its way up to my neck instinctively and my nails dragged across my skin.

However it wasn't enough to drive them out.

I covered my face and wept, feeling overwhelmed.

"Angelica" the voice called. Instantly I looked up with wide eyes.

The name was repeated numerous times in my head because I knew who that was.

"My Angel" it mumbled and every uncomfortable feeling abruptly disappeared.

A soft, warm touch caressed my cheek. The similar feeling laid on my chest.

A sudden relief filled me and without hesitation my fingertips grazed the surface of the water.

Everything painted white.

Murmurs of prayers and a beeping sound rang through my ears.

"Mom" i whispered stroking her hair without opening my eyes and immediately I was captured in the tightest grasp, erupting pain through out my body. Nevertheless it wasn't worth complaining about.

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