2:30am - Sleepless Nights (Part 2)
2:30am - Sleepless Nights 
(Part 2) depression stories

b_writings Writing to get it off my chest.
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He sighed in frustration as 2:30am stared back at him

2:30am - Sleepless Nights (Part 2)

He sighed in frustration as 2:30am stared back at him





Nothing seemed to work

Every position on the bed felt so uncomfortable

The pillow couldn't seem to be adjusted to his liking

The cover was a crumpled mess on the ground as it felt hot

Soon to be used again as it also felt cold

Tears welded up in his eyes as exhaustion spread through out his body

Yet he was unable to sleep

Getting off the bed, he began pacing back and forth

As the thought of losing sleep haunted him

Coming to a halt, he faced the wall, face inches away from it

Fingers grasped his hair and began pulling it in annoyance as his head continuously made contact with the wall

Trying to get rid of the dark thoughts contaminating his mind

A choked sob escaped as shaky hands covered his tear stained face

Unable to handle the weariness anymore, he fell to the floor in a disheveled heap as his frustration poured out like a flood

The darkness seemed to further wrap him in a stifling embrace, making it harder to breathe

While loneliness slowly crept up on him, like a predator ready to pounce on it's prey

Fear filled his heart as there was no one to turn to

Just a worn out boy alone, rocking back and forth

In a room filled with only his whimpers while he shivers in terror from giving into his hallucinations

Suddenly, a loud ringing sound was heard and his stream of sadness stopped flowing

Following the sound, his eyes was met with 7:00am displayed by his alarm clock

He stood up and silenced it only to then proceed to the bathroom as if nothing happened

However, the dread weighed heavy on his chest

Because he knew this torture were to continue tonight like a reoccurring nightmare

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