Just a passerby
Just a passerby sexual-assault-awareness stories

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Don't you feel the guilt yet?

Just a passerby

I feel his hands around my throat

They're going down under my coat

I don't know what to do or say

I close my eyes and start to pray

Although I fear I don't lose hope

Maybe they'll hear, maybe he'll stop

I lift my eyes and there you stand

You act like you misunderstand

You might agree or you're just scared

But that's a tragedy we've shared

I try to scream, no sound comes out

You turn your back, there is no doubt

You think you'll forget like we've never met

Don't you feel the guilt yet?

Remember as you say that's what her parents taught her

I am your mother your wife and your daughter

I am everything you'll ever have, refresh your mindset

Don't you feel the guilt yet?

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