Don't Ever Let Him Go
Don't Ever Let Him Go feelings stories

azumihayami Originally from Wattpad, now on Commaful
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To the one person that I hope to spend forever with, but alas, that will end one day, it always does.

Don't Ever Let Him Go

By: AzumiHayami

He is always so -- bland, but I love him.

He's there when you need him, there when you cry.

Making promises that last the entire relationship...

"If you die, I die." "If I die, you die."

The promises must be kept, little do you know, he's serious about them.

His favorite things to do are Videogames, look at memes, and watch YouTube.

He doesn't leave the house much, when he does it's not for long.

He may not always have money, he's only beginning to fly, but he's there for you, I can assure you.

He won't leave you for the world, I would know.

His friends are your friends, they like so many things.

Just, don't ever let him go.

Based off of a true story. Because I met him, and I meant every word I said.

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