Brisket, unveil.
Brisket, unveil. past stories

azizesousami Community member
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A turbulent motion towards a complicated love.
Not sure about that.

Brisket, unveil.

Residence upon these brisked, tightly shut walls, made of steel and corn

Balancing the income of sorrow and outburst of gestures#

I gest

Don’t misinterpret this tomorrow, as the sun ceases to rise, with all but thunderous skies

My voice recognising its all just figure of speech yet

This feeling places itself upon my lungs, similar to a leech

It pecks, it resights and pauses.

I stare blankly, and continuously, upon faces which lack the identity to handle such dangerous-

I’ve explained how my thoughts speed up like

Pro runners,

Fast and extremely furious

I gest

my slow, soft and pale lips can’t carry the weight of them.

Casket, or basket, filled with unidentified phrases,

cut off mid-sentence

They produce such turbulent motions,

Where recovery is definitely out of the picture.

When does this obstacle emerge into its ever tilting background

To create a peace known to overpower sheltered and stubborn fireflies.

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