Quiet Car Ride Home
Quiet Car Ride Home stories
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Silence between us is loud or maybe it’s the blood

Quiet Car Ride Home

Silence between us is loud

or maybe it’s the blood

pounding inside my ears like waves on a shore

but next to each other,

we’re oceans apart

Your island is too far for me to swim to

my arms are tired from treading water

There’s salt on my cheeks

I am dead weight

a feast

for the seagulls floating above

vultures hungry for my flesh

Anything I could say

is lost in the great distance

I don’t know what I did wrong

please talk to me

can’t you see I’m drowning in the silence

Night makes dangerous

territories for lovers

I retreat to the safety of my shore

my mouth opens and closes

a fish out of water

lost for words

My tongue doesn’t dare

shoot any apologetic flares

My body is too tired to

spell out “sorry” on the sand

instead only one word comes out


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