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“We were never in love but oh god, we could have been” Do you remember

“We were never in love but oh god, we could have been”

Do you remember

the day we first met?

I never told you this

but my stomach had become a gymnast,

competing for gold at the Olympics

the energy drink clutched in my quivering hands

was for pure liquid courage

I could’ve gone for something stronger,

maybe something alcoholic

Maybe I did

Maybe I was trying to keep from going

under the swelling intoxication of

your gin colored eyes.

We clicked together fast –

my hands fitting in yours,

letting our throbbing pulses speak

the language of infatuation.

Do you remember

our first kiss in the secret of night?

Our vanilla mouths

coming undone,

with the stars as witness

You were the first to touch my mind first

before you laid hands on my body.

It didn’t last long, huh?

Do you remember

when it ended?

You cried

no words I could stitch together

could balm the ache

I never knew heartbreak -

an ugly, foreign feeling

clogging my throat

blurring my eyes

salting my cheeks

My chest felt scraped raw with something blunt

But in those short, sweet months

I spread my wings

like Icarus,

Reached close enough to the sun

basked in his warmth

yet felt the pain of his burn.

And how painful it was to fall

in a blaze of burning feathers and

broken hearts.

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