Star Wars I/I/I - Fall of the Jedi (Part 2/3)
Star Wars I/I/I - Fall of the Jedi (Part 2/3) star wars stories

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A treatment for an alternative Star Wars III that I wrote way back in 2015. Enjoy!

Star Wars I/I/I - Fall of the Jedi (Part 2/3)

Shortly after, Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme go out to eat at a restaurant (where they eat for free; being war celebrities, their very presence at the restaurant will ensure profit anyway).

Before Obi-Wan can tell them of what has transpired at the Jedi council, Anakin begins to proudly tell Obi-Wan about the latest ultrasound and that he felt the children kick the night before.

Anakin and Padme are clearly beyond themselves with joy, and Anakin in particular.

He then confesses to Obi-Wan that he has decided not make another attempt to be accepted onto the council as he and Padme have agreed to leave Coruscant at the end of the war and move to Naboo.

Obi-Wan is touched that Anakin is prepared to tell him this, and feels that his young padawan - having done so much for the cause and seen so much destruction - deserves peace.

He tells Anakin that he thinks that the couple's decision is the right one, and is told that he is welcome to join them at Naboo if he would like,

and that he would always be welcome even if he declined permanent settlement.

Obi-Wan can't bring himself to tell them the bad news - perhaps hoping that he can somehow convince the council to overrule their decision,

or maybe just that the right words for telling Anakin and Padme the truth will come to him - and the three continue their dinner, which becomes a celebration of the times to come.

A few days pass, during which news of several victories around the galaxy arrives at Coruscant. Victory is close, as is the birth of the Skywalker twins.

Anakin is asked by Senator Palpatine to come to his office.

Assuming that it regards the battle, he accepts the "invitation" and is greeted by Palpatine who praises him for his latest efforts on the battlefront.

Palpatine is acting really chummy-chummy with Anakin, keeping the conversation informal and relaxed.

Anakin can't help but like the senator, who never fails to compliment him and appreciate his efforts (as opposed to a certain council that endlessly criticize).

Palpatine asks Anakin if he is aware of how many people know about him and Padme, and Anakin confesses that he understands that their "secret" is well-known.

Palpatine congratulates him on soon becoming a father, asking Anakin what he intends to do once the war is at an end.

Anakin obviously doesn't know or trust the senator enough to tell him about his plans to leave the Jedi order, but tells him about wanting to be a good father and prioritize family.

Palpatine says that he understands Anakin and that he is happy for him, before suddenly asking him if he is aware of the Jedi's policy on children born by Jedi.

Anakin asks, and is told by Palpatine what Mace told Obi-Wan. Anakin can't believe what he is hearing. Enraged, he accuses Palpatine of being a liar and storms out of the office.

He attempts to contact Obi-Wan but fails, and head instead to the Jedi temple where he confronts Mace Windu and Yoda.

Unable to understand just how big a deal this is for Anakin - both having problem with seeing the difference between Anakin's everyday tantrums and his new rage - calmly explains

that Palpatine's claims are true.

They repeat what they have always been telling Anakin about controlling his emotions and seeing the bigger picture and understanding the greater good,

saying that he still doesn't understand the true meaning of being a Jedi.

A true Jedi understands the meaning of sacrifice and assumes that all other Jedi would do as well, as shown by the fact that the decision was reached by a council vote.

Anakin asks them if Obi-Wan was present, and they reply that he was, not bothering to tell him that he was the only one opposed to the decision.

Anakin goes blank, and answers their further questions with calm. Neither realizes that his entire world has just shattered.

Obi-Wan - the closest person in Anakin's life after Padme - isn't his friend... his brother. Obi-Wan betrayed him without hesitation.

Obi-Wan doesn't see him as anything else than another Jedi meant to follow orders... like a slave. Like the slave Anakin used to be.

Obi-Wan isn't the proof that there is good and justice in the world; he is the proof that the sick situation on Tatooine is in fact how the entire world works, including the Jedi.

Anakin leaves the Jedi temple and returns to Palpatine, the only person brave enough to tell him the truth, one of the few people Anakin now feels that he can trust.

Palpatine forgives Anakin for his previous accusations, saying that he had never believed that Anakin would take his story at face value.

Unfortunately, Palpatine explains, he is in no position to oppose the Jedi in this matter. Strictly speaking, what they intend to do is not against the law.

If Anakin is to prevent the abduction of his children, he must defend his family himself. Anakin is almost in despair, saying that even if he wanted to fight the Jedi he isn't powerful enough.

Palpatine tells him he's wrong,

referencing to battles during the war when Anakin has proven himself capable of achieving power way beyond the abilities of the other Jedi (Yoda having never directly participated in

the fighting). This, Palpatine means, is the result of Anakin using his feelings to power him when fighting. He is not simply using the Force.

Anakin - understanding what Palpatine is hinting at - grows angry again, saying that he would never go to the DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE.

Palpatine argues that the term "dark side" has only been used by the Jedi to justify their actions; to combine The Force with ones strongest feelings and urges is not wrong,

and using the so-called "dark side" does not necessarily make one a SITH. If Anakin is to successfully defend his family, Palpatine says, he must use the so-called dark side.

Leaving Palpatine's office, Anakin is contacted by Padme's handmaiden, who tells him that Padme's water has broken and that she has been taken to the General Hospital.

Realizing that time is of the essence, Anakin hurries to get there in time, racing through the capital as fast as he can.

Meanwhile Obi-Wan and the handmaiden arrive with Padme at the hospital. Doctors and nurses take Padme to the maternity ward with the handmaiden following.

Obi-Wan - who has tried to tell Padme the truth but failed once again - realizes that he must finally tell Anakin the truth, when he is instead contacted by Mace Windu.

Obi-Wan accidentally lets slip that he has taken Padme to the hospital,

and Mace tells him that he and a couple of other Jedi (there aren't many left on Coruscant to begin with; most are now scattered around the galaxy,

bringing the war to an end) are going to get to the hospital so that they can perform the tests on the children at the earliest opportunity.

Obi-Wan tries to tell Mace that Anakin isn't going to accept the decision, but Mace refuses to listen. Obi-Wan is left in the hospital corridor, cursing the situation they're all in.

Mace Windu and several other Jedi arrive outside the General Hospital. It is night and there are not many people about (with the emergency ward being located on the other side of the hospital).

As they begin to mount the stairs they see Anakin standing at the top of them. Emotionally fragile, confused, furious...

If there was ever a time when Anakin truly could not control his emotions, this is that time.

Even so, he manages to ask Mace Windu that he and the other Jedi turn back and leave him and his family at peace. He even tells Mace that he intends to leave the Jedi Order.

Mace tells Anakin that this is exactly what they are afraid of; Anakin being so blinded by his emotions that he doesn't realize the sense in staying with the Order; Anakin raising

his children to hold the same confused and incorrect world-view. For the greater Good, Mace says, they must take the children. To protect them from Anakin himself.

This is the worst possible thing Mace could tell the soon-to-be father.


I am NOT going to let you

take my children!

He takes out his light-sabre, and Mace and the Jedi do the same. The Jedi all attack together, not to kill Anakin but simply to disarm him.

There's no intensity in their attack; they don't expect Anakin to truly fight back.

Boy, are they wrong!

Anakin engages the Jedi fighting as he has never done before.

Doing as he has been advised by Palpatine he uses his anger and his fear and his sorrow to fuel his strength, and it is extremely effective.

Though outnumbered he is successfully keeping the Jedi back. He isn't trying to kill them, but he isn't particularly careful not to hurt them either.

As the fight goes on the Jedi grow increasingly frightened of their former ally; they cease trying not to hurt him and instead give their all to defeat him.

And as their fighting grows more intense, so does Anakin's.

With tremendous fury he holds them back, and as one Jedi manages to graze him with his light-sabre any remaining control disappears and he kills the Jedi.

The Jedi are now fighting as hard as they can, having now entirely given up any intention of not killing him. In their eyes he is a Sith Lord in the making, a threat that needs to be destroyed.

But that's not enough to defeat him; Anakin simply has more to lose. As the battle rages on images of Padme and his dream images of playing with his children flashes before his eyes.

Whenever a Jedi actually manages to strike him, the pain only reminds him of what's at stake, and allows him to fight harder.

He flawlessly alternates between using his light-sabre and using the force, bringing a destruction against the Jedi the likes of which they have never seen.

There are not many spectators to the battle, but those who are present see only their hero Anakin Skywalker - the selfless Protector of the Republic - being viciously attacked by Jedi masters.

A Stormtrooper battalion is informed of the situation and leave for the hospital.

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