Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 5 Part 5
Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 5 Part 5 game of thrones stories

azartborg 25. Swede. Anime addict. Arakawa-fanatic
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The tenth parth of my reimagining of the eight season of Game of Thrones.
Who shall win?

Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 5 Part 5

Jon slumps down on the ground, blood pooling out of him.

The Night King raises His gaze and looks into Arya's furious eyes. Such foolishness. What can she hope to achieve?

Winter strides forth.

Arya charges.

They clash.

Arya expertly dodges his blow and thrusts her Valyrian steel blade towards His chest. He takes a step back, avoiding her thrust.

Quick as a viper, He grabs her extended arm and cuts it off with His ice-blade.

Screaming in agony, Arya falls to the ground.

The Night King looks down on her with a look of contempt.


Foolish girl. You humans are all the same. A disease, tainting this world bit by bit. But nothing can survive in proper cold, not even diseases. And I bring the Cold. I am Winter.

I am Death!

He presses down on her chest with His boot and raises His ice-blade to give the finishing blow.

Arya's left hand lies in a pool of its own blood.

Arya's right hand grips the ice-blade of the fallen Walker.



...not today...

She thrusts the ice-blade through the Night King's chest.

He looks down on her, dumbfounded.

And disintegrates into a rain of ice.

All over the streets of King's Landing, all over the plains beyond, tens of thousands of wights are rendered dust.

The Defenders stare at the empty plains, lost for words.

Daenerys, Tyrion and Grey Worm gaze at the battle-field.

They have won.



Clutching the bleeding remains of her left arm to her chest she crawls over the top of the tower to where Jon is lying in a crimson pool of his own life-force.

He opens his eyes, looks at her, and smiles.


...Septa Mordane was wrong about you...




"That wildcat never heeds her lessons", she said.

And here you are, heeding mine.

Arya look at him. Smiles. Laughs.


"Stick them with the pointy end."


"Stick them with the pointy end."'ve grown, little sister...

...father... ...would be proud of you...

Arya's cheeks are being made clean off blood and dust by means of salt. So much salt. She can't keep it back. She doesn't care about keeping it back. She only cares about...


...keep your sister safe for me, y'hear?


...of course. Of course I will.


...and make sure she treats Ghost right. He's surprisingly fond of pats, so make sure she... she...


I will.


...and Dany... ...and... ...and... son...


...your son.


...his name... Aegon Targaryen. Keep him safe. Promise me. Promise me, Arya.


I'll watch over him. I'll watch over all of them.


...thank you... ...thank you...

He gives her a final smile, and then turns his eyes skywards. With the Night King gone, the darkness has disappeared, and it is again proper day.

The clouds are even opening up, letting through warming rays of the sunlight. Like a promise of spring.


...and now... watch is ended...

He blinks once. Twice. And then he never blinks again.

Arya goes silent. She's just sitting there, kneeling by the side of her fallen brother, her tears mixing with the blood pooling from her stump, the siblings illuminated by the rays of the sun.

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