Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 3 Part 3
Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 3 Part 3 game of thrones stories

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The third part of my reimagining of the final season of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 3 Part 3

Perhaps it's the pain. Perhaps the grief. Perhaps the anger. Perhaps it's just a method of keeping her sanity intact. For whatever reason, Brienne's fighting has only gotten fiercer.

She and her fighters are being pushed back into the center of Winterfell, but they do not turn their backs, they do not run, they do not panic, and they certainly don't lay down their arms.

They keep fighting.

Grey Worm throws his spear into the head of a charging wight and then pulls up two swords from fallen fighters on the ground. It's time to put that dual-wielding exercise to the test.


(in High Valyrian)

Unsullied! We were taken from our homes, tortured and tainted by cruel masters. Our lives have been painful. Perhaps our deaths shall be as well.

But if we die here today, we die as free men defending our queen. She gave us purpose. Let us now realize hers. Stand! Fight! Valar Morghulis!


(in High Valyrian)


Jon Snow is fighting off four White Walkers simultaneously. He's good enough to protect himself, but not quite good enough to bring them down.

Simply keeping them at bay requires all of his energy and concentration,

so much so that he would have been dead by now if Dolorous Edd and the last remaining six Night Watchmen hadn't got his back.

But they do, bringing down wight after wight while he keeps parrying the thrust of ice-swords.

Winterfell is now entirely consumed by the fight. Wights are gaining entrance into the city from every turn, forcing the remaining defenders into the Winterfell plaza.

Jon thrusts Longclaw through the gut of one of the White Walkers, killing it, but receives a cut on his left arm. The cut is only superficial, but he screams in agony all the same.

The ice-weapons carried by the White Walkers have more than just sharp edges.

He is forced down on one knee, but is present enough to cut off the leg of the closest White Walker and pushing Longclaw through the face of the second.

The third one hits him in the face with the butt of its weapon, and he goes down.

Noose bleeding, two teeth gone, he looks up at his impending death, only for the White Walkers (both the one standing and the legless one) to receive Unsullied spears through their chests.

Someone grabs his left arm, someone else his right, and he is pulled back up on his feet. His saviors are Podrick and Gendry.

Behind them Brienne is joining Dolorous Edd and the Night's Watchmen, while Grey Worm and his Unsullied cuts down wights as though they were butter.

The northern defense and the southern defense have now combined into a single force in the Winterfell Plaza, surrounded on all sides by the army of the dead.

Everyone who isn't here, in the Godswood, or with Arya, are dead.

Arya is pushed back against a wall. She hasn't lost her strength, there's just too many wights to fight off.

So many that she can't move from where she is, but is forced to remain there and cut down wight after wight, while wight crossbowmen approach, prepared to shoot her down.

She sees them, but is powerless to stop them. All she can do now is bring as many undead down with her as she can.

The crossbowwights fire, and all six bolts connect with human flesh. That of Beric Dondarrion, who has thrown himself between the crossbowwights and their mark.

Beric falls to his knees. The crossbowwights prepare to reload their crossbows only for half of them to be beheaded in one fell swoop by a pissed-off Hound.

Seemingly out of nowhere, fiery flames appear and burn half a dozen wights to cinders. Arya and the Hound turn to find MELISANDRE approaching, her features perfectly calm.


A pleasure to once again make your acquaintance, Deathbringer.

Alys Karstark is dead, as are the majority of her fighters, and the majority of the Mormont fighters, and the majority of the Iron Islanders.

But Theon and Lyanna are still standing, if only barely. Theon has run out of arrows and is now cutting down wights with a spear. Lyanna is proving efficient with her weapon.

Lyanna cuts of four legs of a charging ice-spider and then beheads it. She is then hit full force by the undead giant.

It picks her up - crushing a rib or two in the process - but she proceeds to stab it straight in the eye like the boss she is.

The undead giant collapses in a pile of brittle bones, and she lands close by Theon and Bran.


42. The answer was 42 all along.


I fucking hate you, Bran.

Theon tries to help her up, but she pushes him away and gives him a glare. Her knees are shaking, and she is bleeding from her nose and mouth, but evidently has zero fucks to give.





The battle at the Winterfell Plaza continues.

Dolorous Edd shoves his sword through the gut of a wight. The sword gets stuck in its ribcage. He can't get it out.


Fuck my life.

The wight stabs him in the throat, and he goes down.



Jon is quickly by his side, beheading the ribcage-wight and kneeling by his fallen comrade. Edd is coughing blood, and for the first time in his life lost for words.

He gives Jon a final look, and then his eyes don't see anything at all.

Jon isn't allowed a grieving period. He dodges a blow from a wight and cuts it down. He takes a look around, and sees...

The White Walkers stand in formation as the Night King enters Winterfell. His armour splintered in the fall, but He doesn't appear to have received the slightest injury himself.

He looks around, and locks eyes with Jon two hundred meters away. He bobs His head, and then strides towards the Godswood, White Walkers in tow.


We must get down into the crypts, now!

The tunnel ends nearby the Godswood, we can still cut Him off. Hurry, hurry!

Jon, Brienne, Podrick, Gendry, Grey Worm and the remaining defenders make their way towards the entrance to the crypts.

Arya, the Hound and Melisandre move through the castle corridor that Arya knows is their fastest path to the Godswood.

Most of the wights are still focusing on the carnage outside, and so there are relatively few enemies to cut down in here.


As I recall, you saw this coming. Us meeting again. Me closing eyes forever.


Quite so. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes.


And that's why you call me Deathbringer?


Valar Morghulis. You have served the God of Death well.

But now He is closing in on you. By your side, watching your every move, waiting for you to make a mistake.


I don't make mistakes, and I have no intention of dying tonight.


What do we say to the God of Death?

A White Walker kicks down the door in front of them and throws his last ice-spear at them.

In one continuous movement Arya dodges the spear, runs forth, jumps into the air and stabs the White Walker in the face with her own spear. The spear shatters, but also blinds the White Walker.

Arya unsheathes her Valyrian steel dagger and shoves it in the White Walker's chest. She smiles as it disintegrates.


Not today!

The Godswood is covered in bodies.

Theon, Lyanna and the final five warriors stare at their enemies.

The wights have all stopped in place, and seem to stand in lines. They are giving way to someone, or something.

The Night King and his White Walker Entourage approaches.


What is dead may never die.


You know, for as much as I hate you Iron Islanders, I won't pretend that I don't love that saying. Die with honour, Greyjoy.


You too, Lady Mormont!

* Jon & c:o making their way down to the crypts, fighting off wights and White Walkers and ice-spiders at every turn.

* Arya and the Hound running through the castle corridors, bringing down any undead entity in their way, with Melisandre following behind them with a fiery look in her eyes.

* Drogon's scales reflecting the glow of the northern lights as he spews fire at the White Walkers from the ravine as they approach from the trees with ice-swords in their hands.

Daenerys staring at them with defiance and anger in her eyes, unsheathing her own sword (she has never been a swordswoman, but was given an obsidian sword by Gendry just in case).

* Lyanna's weapon being parried by the Night King who proceeds to stab her in the chest with His ice-blade.

* Jaime's eyes staring into nothingness. Dolorous Edd's eyes staring into nothingness. Thousands of open eyes staring into nothingness, like pale stars strewn all over Winterfell.

* Brienne dual-wielding Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail. Grey Worm dual-wielding Unsullied swords like it ain't nothin' but a thing.

Podrick and Gendry finding that they make a good axe-and-sword duo. Jon striding forwards with grim determination.

* The White Walkers cutting down the last Godswood defenders. Theon is now the only one standing between them and Bran.

* Arya gliding across the corridor floor and cutting off the legs of wights, with the Hound beheading them while they're still mid-air.

* A White Walker preparing to throw his ice-sword like a spear at Daenerys.

His head suddenly vanishes as Jorah and the last hundred or so Dothraki descend upon the White Walkers to defend their queen.

* Theon charging at the Night King, only to be cut down. As he falls to his knees he looks up at the northern lights. He falls with honour. He dies defending his true home.

The North shall remember him.

* Jon and c:o running through the crypt, beheading the off wight that emerges from the graves.

The statues of Eddard and Lyanna Stark gazing down upon the true king of Westeros as he rushes forth to save the world.

* The Winterfell corridor ends in a battlement looking down at the Godswood. But between the edge of the battlements and Arya stand five White Walkers.

Arya and the Hound let off battle cries and charge.

* Jon fighting and running.

* Arya fighting and running.

* Daenerys fighting and running.

The Night King looking down at Bran.


I miss Summer.

The Night King lifts his blade. Let's it fall.

All goes dark.

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