Hate Me and I'LL Rescue You.


  Hate Me and I'LL Rescue You. love stories

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You choose. Hate me and die OR love me and die.

Hate Me and I'LL Rescue You.

- Tell me those words. I might spare you if you do. + You're wasting your time.

- You're choosing death over life? + I'd rather die than say those damned words. Those filthy three words.

- Darling, you're not in a position to choose. You are shackled to the teeth and blades almost ripping your throat. + Thanks to you. Or shall I say, "Your Majesty". Our relentlessly kind King.

- Weren't you once my beloved Queen? Weren't you who told me those three words every day and night? Weren't you who left me? + That was for like a lifetime ago, time does fly. And you know I was just a stupid little girl.

- Be a stupid little woman and say those words. That's so easy. Just three words and you can live, literally live. + Who can believe the king is begging a little traitor to say those three words? You truly are thirsty for love and affection.

- You always make me laugh darling. Say it. I want to hear them before beheading you, before beholding your blood drenching my sword, before you're finally dead, Darling. Say it. Just three words. "I". "Love". "You". See? It's easy. Tell me. Now.

+ I HATE You. See? I'm still in a position to choose. - Goodbye Darling.


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