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Memes plays a large part in our lives, I just want you all to know that they're a source of entertainment and not a source from which you should get influenced by.


It's funny how memes can influence your life so much, They just provoke your feelings, You tend to think all that which didn't happen with you,

They just conquer your minds, They exaggerate your feelings, If you're sad you start feeling depressed,

If you're happy you feel overjoyed, They can comfort you or make you uncomfortable,

They can build relationships, They can destroy too, They can make a person popular, Or just destroy their life,

Depending upon the quotes you read you try to behave with people like that, If you like sad quotes you try to be alone,

If you like happy posts you try to share And be with everyone, If you don't even think of your loneliness and read a meme about it, You Relate and feel sad and stop being together,

They play mind games, They can make you confident enough to do everything but at the same time, They can make you demotivated that you don't wanna try anything new,

It's funny how we believe them, how we allow them to influence our lives, how we let them to destroy our relationships, how they make our feelings from x to x²,

just extra,

I don't wanna say stop reading them, I wanna say stop getting influenced, You are you and you're the best in your own way, get your own personality, stay as you're!

Thanks for reading, I hope you get my point! Peace ❤️

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