Hurts me within
Hurts me within poetry stories

ayushmanot this is my pen's villa
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so I wrote this poem when I was alone in my room thinking about heartbreak and how the couple break their relatioship. so many memories and such a close relationship gets deteriorated by only few words. I imagined annoy how a boy would feel after breaking up and what all the things he'll miss and what will hurt him and how he will move on

Hurts me within

The way you smile with him, Hurts me within, The way you pull his cheeks, Hurts me within, The way you look at him, Hurts me within,

The way you grab his waist during a ride, Hurts me within, The way you feed him with your hands, Hurts me within, Everything you did with me now you do with him, Hurts me within.

Seeing you in front of my eyes and not able to talk to you... Hurts me within, Remembering the tears I brought in your eyes... hurts me within,

Remembering the moment you said "we can't be US anymore"... Hurts me within Still I put a smile because you're smiling, still I feel happy with the way he treats you, still I wish to god to keep you happy because I can't get you back,

Still I stare at your photo and feel you by my side, still I want to be your first person to know everything about you, still I want you to be here but I know it is not possible as it hurts me within! And that hurts me within!

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