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At the end of the 1700's, England, Scotland and the U.S. are fighting for control over the fur trade routes in Canada.

An empty house and a cold bed are the only things Elizabeth can call her own. After the death of her husband, the young widow struggles to pay rent, working ceaselessly for any coins she can make at the tavern.

A twist of fate could change her dismal life when Liz encounters the notorious Declan Harp. With little to her name, nothing is there to stop her from joining his harrowing mission to bring down a proud captain and wealthy lord.

By: Frontier

Heavy Burdens

by Aysline

Chapter One

The cold nipped at her cheeks, leaving them a soft crimson red. Pulling the furry scarf closer to her face to combat the cold, Elizabeth made her way toward the only bar in town.

Meeting with Grace Emberly for a part time job in the establishment. But she had to walk a few miles in this blistering cold from her house to the tavern.

The grass underneath her boots was frozen solid, her footsteps making a gentle scrunching sound every time she put one foot in front of the other.

A few hellos were murmured by people who passed her by, but she was in a hurry and instead of standing still to chat, she only nodded to them.

The wind howled around the buildings today. It was cold seeing last night the frost even settled on the inside of her windows of her house. The house that was left from her husband.

The only thing Elizabeth had left since he passed away. He was a wealthy man back in Scotland, but William hid his gambling problems from her.

And when the time came he had to pay his debts, they came for him. He didn't have the money, not that amount anyway, in cash so the bookies decided to murder him instead.

Leaving her alone in that house. It didn't take them long to come to her. If she remembered correctly, it was only two days after William's funeral when they knocked on her door.

They threatened her with murder and rape if she didn't pay her husband's debt in time. She had a week. So, she sold everything, fired the maid who'd worked there since they arrived in Canada.

And Liz was able to have all the money and interests right on time. Paying the full debt off but leaving her in an empty house with little to no furniture.

William' savings were all gone too. She started to doubt if it was all to gambling. But William was dead now...She didn't mourn the loss of her late husband. He had been a moody man.

Older then her and it was an arranged marriage.

He didn't drink a lot during his life, but when he did, it was the only time he'd visit her in her personal chambers and tried to get under her robes.

Those were the nights she prayed that she wouldn't get pregnant with his child. And every month, she thanked God when her bleedings started.

He left her alone, without children and the whole town saw her as the childless widow.

But she wasn't too old yet to carry a child, with her young 28 years of age, Liz was still beautiful, and her loins could still bear fruit if it needed.

She didn't think of remarrying again. One marriage was enough for her- especially as loveless as the one she'd recently escaped. The only thing on her mind was surviving the winter...

and for that, she needed work. Luckily for her, Emberly Grace was always looking for good girls to work for her.

It wasn't whoring, unless you wanted to do that, but watering tables and making food, eavesdropping once and then...

Liz knew Emberly Grace for years now, same as most of the soldiers around camp and when she finally arrived at the bar, she sighs happily while entering.

The warmth of the hearth hits her cold skin and leaves it tingling. It was still early, close to opening time and the place was empty.

"Miss Emberly?"

Her voice reached no ears because no answer came. The sound of soft rummaging from the kitchen area is heard and Liz took of her scarf, leaving it on one of the chairs.

Hesitating for a moment, she finally decided to make her way to the back.

Emberly Grace had told her not to be late so Liz decided to quickly make her way through the establishment towards the sounds.

"Miss Emberly," she started, while pushing open the kitchen door, "I'm here..."

Looking up, she found herself staring at a man standing by the table. Opposite of him was Grace and when Liz heard the sudden silence around her, she almost turns on her heels.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt," she stammered, but when she wanted to walk out the door again, it's slammed shut by a hand above her.

"What did you see?"

The man's voice is filled with gravel. She can practically feel his warmth against her back. Swallowing hard, Liz turns around to face him, but she must look up.

His gaze is serious, almost angry like and his hand is still leaning against her way out above her head. She shakes her head slowly.

"Nothing, I was looking for Gr..."

"Declan, let her be. She's here for a job."

Liz' eyes widen for a moment, her gaze flickering between Grace and the man in front of her.

"Declan Harp?"

He grunts, moving his arm away and taking a few steps away from her.

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