Cyber Security & Identity Done Right
Cyber Security & Identity Done Right stories

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Everyone uses the internet, but not many care about the repercussions of when they lose access to their account or inappropriate content ends up on the web, this is a simple tipsheet!

Cyber Security & Identity Done Right

by aymansiraj

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor authentication secures your account against suspicious logins. Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more support it! Set it up on your accounts for the added layer of security.

Easily rememberable password = Easily guessable password.

Make sure your passwords are 12+ characters long, includes lower and uppercase alphabets, numbers & symbols. A 6 character password with only A-Z, a-z, 0-9 can be brute-forced in approx 1 hour!

Webcam Hacking is on the Rise

You probably went WTF when I said this, but better safe than sorry. Use a small sticker or flap to cover your webcam. News search 'webcam hack' and you'll see an occurence within the past week!

Google yourself, clean up what you don't want!

If you're a student, your MySpace or hi5 account is lurking there. Anything that shows up that you don't want, goto the sites privacy settings and de-list from search! Search Bing & Yahoo also!

Has any of your accounts ever been compromised?

Go check out ! Type in your email address and get instant results! It seems that I was affected by the Adobe & Forbes breach.

Don't click on those suspicious ads!

When you're pirating stuff, you'll see ads disguised as download buttons or those free game ads! Don't click on them, they install cookies (trackers) and sometimes malicious code on your PC.

Post Carefully

Before posting something, take 7 seconds to think if it's appropriate or not. Once you post online, it's out there! You don't know who's taken a screenshot or taken note of your post.

Any Antivirus Is Better Than No Antivirus

Contrary to proper belief, Apple computers are not immune to malicious stuff. Whether you're Windows or Apple, have an Internet Security Suite installed for that added layer of protection.

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