Thank You For Loving Me
Thank You For Loving Me lo ve stories
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aylin I write to the moon
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A thank you to who you used to be.

Thank You For Loving Me



It has been a long time since we have last spoke

I hope you're happy with her

You've turned so cold towards me

no matter

I did not come to thank you but rather the past you

Thank you

For showing me love was calling to talk about anything and everything

falling asleep with the light on and your soft snoring on speaker

a smirk

baking cookies together and getting flour all over you only to be chased around the kitchen

Thank you for making me feel those feelings

for feeling I could be someone's one and only

I hope she makes you feel happy

I also hope you never forget what we had

I do not miss you but who you used to be

thank you to past you

for loving me.

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