I Watched You Go
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aylin I write to the moon
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A perfect stranger

I Watched You Go


I told myself we'd be okay.

We both knew we would be okay.

The day came and you packed up your car.

You handed me your favorite sweatshirt and told me to hold it when I missed you.

Your parents closed the car door and I was left facing you.

Not a goodbye you said

A see you soon

A quick kiss and an I love you

and you closed the door

I got in my car and just stared, waiting for you to go.

I follow your car until you turned away. I was left alone with tears streaming down my face

A see you soon.

I will never see you again.

I wish I had gotten to say the word goodbye instead

Part of me knew that it would be the final time your lips touched mine.

You're a stranger now and I waltz with your memory

I have grown to move on

yet I will never forget how I watched you go

not a see you soon

but a goodbye.

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