Creation of You
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aylin I write to the moon
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I will not forget what we created together

Creation of You


My thoughts of you were first created the moment I turned to laugh and meet your eyes for the first time

A thought

What if I got to know you

We created a bond I had not created before

One where my head was against your shoulder and the world seemed to freeze

one with soft lips touching mine and the grin's on our faces after.

A creation then of empty

at least I could still see your smile

know that I created that smile with my laugh still.

And then we were together again

a creation of something more than before

but of course, creation, you had to leave

you're creating new memories with new people and so am I

Oh I do cherish what we created.

You created so much happiness



acceptance in me

and as I sit here knowing you're not thinking of what we created

I thank you for creating memories with me

I hope someday you look back

and they'll still make you smile

even if it hurts sometimes.

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